Subcutaneous/intramuscular injection1,50 BGN
Giving medicines by mouth5,00 BGN
Blood sampling10,00 BGN
Bandage / splint – Level 1 5-10BGN
Bandage / splint – Level 210-20BGN
Bandage / splint – Level 320-30BGN
Bandage / splint – Level 430-40BGN
Ear cleaning10,00 BGN
Ear wash25,00 BGN
Cleaning of anal glands10,00 BGN
Flushing of anal glands15,00 BGN
Foreskin/vaginal lavage15,00 BGN
Nail trimm5,00 BGN
Beak cutting10,00 BGN
Teeth cutting10,00 BGN
Removal of an object from the paw20-50BGN
Removal of an object from the ear20-50BGN
Removal of an object from the nose35-80BGN
Removal of an object from the eye20-50BGN
Abscess treatment25-80BGN
Phlegmon treatment25-80BGN
Placement of a urinary catheter on a male animal25,00 BGN
Placement of a urinary catheter on a female animal35,00 BGN
Enema – dog30-100BGN
Enema – cat25-50BGN
Joint puncture50-70BGN
Abdominocentesis – diagnostic20,00 BGN
Abdominocentesis – therapeutic30-150BGN
Thoracentesis – diagnostic20,00 BGN
Thoracentesis – therapeutic30-150BGN
Calculus cleaning – 1st degree30,00 BGN
Calculus cleaning – 2nd degree40,00 BGN
Calculus cleaning – 3rd degree50,00 BGN
Calculus cleaning – 4th degree60,00 BGN
Extraction of deciduous teeth30-50BGN
Extraction of permanent teeth – for 1 tooth15,00 BGN
Flushing of tear ducts30,00 BGN
Measurement of lacrimal secretion10,00 BGN
Intraocular pressure measurement15,00 BGN
Fundus examination15,00 BGN
Corneal staining15,00 BGN
Eye secretions microbiology30,00 BGN