Skin wounds – 1st degree15-40 BGN
Skin wounds – 2nd degree 30-50 BGN
Skin wounds – 3rd degree40-100 BGN
Skin wounds – 4th degree50-200 BGN
Skin wounds – plastic120-200 BGN
Male dog castration – up to 10 kg.80 BGN
Male dog castration – 11-20 kg.100 BGN
Male dog castration – 21-40 kg.120 BGN
Male dog castration – over 40 kg.150 BGN
Female dog castration – up to 10 kg.100 BGN
Female dog castration – 11-20 kg.120 BGN
Female dog castration – 20-40 kg.180 BGN
Female dog castration – over 40 kg.200 BGN
Male cat castration60 BGN
Female cat castration80 BGN
Rabbit/rodent castration – male60 BGN
Rabbit/rodent castration – female80 BGN
Ferrets castration + extirpation of anal glands – male200 BGN
Ferrets castration + extirpation of anal glands – female250 BGN
Cryptorchid castration – cat80-100 BGN
Cryptorchid castration – dog100-150 BGN
Anal glands extirpation120-180 BGN
Skin tumors removal100-250 BGN
Mastectomy – dog100-200 BGN
Mastectomy – cat100-150 BGN
Умбиликална херния80-150 BGN
Scrotal, inguinal, femoral hernia150-250 BGN
Traumatic hernia / eventration150-250 BGN
Perineal hernia200-400 BGN
Perineal tumors100-250 BGN
Correction of rectal prolapse – without intestinal necrosis100-150 BGN
Correction of rectal prolapse – with intestinal necrosis150-300 BGN
Correction of rectal prolapse – colopexia 150-250 BGN
Head operations 
Hard palate plastic surgery120-200 BGN
Soft palate plastic surgery120-200 BGN
Oronasal fistulaа60-200 BGN
Removal of gingival tumors /and epulis/ 80-200 BGN
Salivary gland extirpation120-200 BGN
Entropy/ectropion correction – unilateral100-150 BGN
Cherry eye100-150 BGN
Corneal ulcer – scarification70-90 BGN
Corneal ulcer – conjunctival paw120-200 BGN
Sewing eyelids /third eyelid/70-100 BGN
Corneal foreign body40-200 BGN
Panus surgical treatment85-200 BGN
Ectopic eyelashes surgical removal85-200 BGN
Corneal perforation120-200 BGN
Eyelid wounds90-200 BGN
Eyelids tumors120-200 BGN
Eyeball proptosis 150-250 BGN
Enucleation200-250 BGN
Otochematoma80-100 BGN
Ear canal tumors/polyps removal80-200 BGN
Ear canal ablation150-400 BGN
Medical ear cupping180 BGN
Esophageal surgery – cervical region150-300 BGN
Esophageal surgery – chest area 500-800 BGN
Abdominal operations 
Diagnostic laparotomy50-100 BGN
Pyometra – dog150-250 BGN
Pyometra – cat130-190 BGN
Cesarean section – dog250-350 BGN
Cesarean section – cat200-250 BGN
Splenectomy – dog150-250 BGN
Splenectomy – cat150-200 BGN
Gastrotomy150-200 BGN
Partial gastroctomy200-250 BGN
Pyloroplasty200-250 BGN
Enterotomy150-250 BGN
Enteroanastomosis200-250 BGN
Megacolon200-300 BGN
Intussusception250 BGN
Stomach roll/expansion350-600 BGN
Peritonitis surgical treatment120-400 BGN
Urinary/genital tract surgeries 
Cystotomy150-200 BGN
Placement of a cystostomal catheter100 BGN
Bladder tumors removal120-300 BGN
Bladder stones removal120-300 BGN
Scrotal urethrostomy – dog200-300 BGN
Scrotal urethrostomy – cat150-200 BGN
Reurethrostomy120-200 BGN
Traumatic rupture of the urethra120-300 BGN
Vaginal tumors – episiotomy120-200 BGN
Vaginal tumors – pelvic cover300-600 BGN
Testicular tumors100-150 BGN
Vaginal/penis prolapse120-200 BGN
Phimosis, paraphimosis, frenilum persistence100-150 BGN
Prostate abscess220-500 BGN
Prostate cyst220-500 BGN
Respiratory system operations 
Nostril plastic surgery200-250 BGN
Arytenoid lateralization400 BGN
Tracheotomy80-200 BGN
Diaphragmatic hernia200-600 BGN
Obstetrics and Gynecology 
Ovulation tests – cytological15 BGN
Ovulation tests – hormonal30 BGN
Vaginal smear20 BGN
Spermogram30 BGN
Artificial insemination – base panel (AG examination and cytosmear, ovulation tests – cytological, semen collection, spermogram, insemination)150-200 BGN
Artificial insemination – enlarged panel (Ag examination, smear, ultrasound, andrological examination, ovulation tests – cytological and hormonal, semen collection, spermogram, insemination)200-400 BGN
Pregnancy diagnosis35 BGN
Pregnancy monitoring (3 ultrasounds, vaginal cytology – 2, PKK + blood biochemical parameters)120 BGN
Pregnancy termination(without medication)100-200 BGN
Assisted birth150-200 BGN
Postpartum monitoring80 BGN